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Some Of The Services You Can Enjoy In Jillian's Galveston Massage Therapy Office...

Swedish Massage

Melt away your stress. Feel the tension just slip away as you experience a blissfully luxurious session, mixing a wonderful blend of Swedish massage techniques. Perfect if you really need to relax and let the tension unwind from your body.

Deep tissue

Get rid of your aches and pains. Feel every sore, achy spot in your muscles slowly disappear with this wonderful massage. Every specific muscle that needs attention is treated with a powerful blend of deep tissue massage techniques that will leave you feeling great.

Massage Therapy or Medical Massage

Don't let injuries and pain problems get you down. You don't have to suffer. Get immediate relief with an effective array of specific soft tissue techniques designed to get at the root of the problem.

CranioSacral Therapy

Enhance the body's natural healing processes to improve the central nervous system's function, dissipate the negative effects of stress, enhance health and strengthen resistance to disease with this subtle, yet power osteopathic technique.

Reiki from a Reiki Master

Through the gentle laying-on of hands, Reiki transfers healing energy that normalizes body cells and processes. It is an actual force, a gentle yet effective power that revitalizes and restores harmony. Experience Reiki when done by a Master.

Trigger Point Therapy

This deep specific massage is designed to get at the root of your problems by getting rid of persistent and irritating muscle knots that cause pain to travel to various areas of your body. Getting rid of trigger points in the neck, for example, can relieve chronic headaches.

Hot Stone Massage

Experience this incredible treat for the senses and you'll discover why stone massage is one of the hottest trends in massage. Special heated stones are used to stretch and relax your muscles.

Korean Hand Therapy (KHT)

For Instant Pain Relief and Functional Problems

KHT is a complete energetic medicine system located on the hands. Each embodies a hologram of the entire body. The hands also reflect, like a mirror, the current condition of the body. If there is a pain or dysfunction anywhere in the body, there will be corresponding points on the hands. Find the points, treat the points, resolve the problems! Diagnose and balance the micro-meridians to stimulate even greater healing powers of the body. Learn to instantly reduce pain anywhere in the body and resolve functional problems.


Sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy the experience of feeling your stress melt away and your tension subside through a blissfully luxurious session of reflexology thumb, finger and hand techniques that focus on applying pressure to specific zones and reflexes of your feet and hands. Experience deep relaxation as pressure points, kneading and stretches are applied to your feet. The foot is seen as a mirror image to the body and stimulation to the nerve endings in your feet benefits related areas throughout your body.

Anyone can experience the healing and relaxing benefits of reflexology in Galveston. Reflexology demonstrates four (4) main benefits:

1. Relaxation with the removal of stress.
2. Enhanced circulation.
3. Assists the body to normalize metabolism naturally.
4. Complements all other healing modalities.

Reflexology can also:

promote restful sleep
diminish pain
rejuvenate tired feet

The latest definition of reflexology as defined by the Reflexology Association of America:

"Reflexology is the systematic, manual stimulation of the reflex maps located on the feet, hands and outer ears that resembles a shape of the human body."

Plus many more styles of massage to choose from.

Not sure what kind of massage to ask for? Not a problem. Jillian will sit down with you before your first massage for a private consultation. She'll find out about your unique needs and preferences and make specific recommendations so that you receive a massage that's just perfect for you.

Don't settle for a standard, run of the mill massage. Take advantage of Jillian's special Galveston massage gift certificate and you'll discover how great this personalized approach can be.

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